lucy park

One of the newest additions to the R&B/Soul category, Lucy Park started her singer/songwriter journey in 2018. The London/LA based artist has become more and more accustomed to the craft evolving from playing covers on her guitar to penning her own timeless records. As Lucy’s personal journeys helped cultivate her sound, she released her first track “Rain” in August 2020, generating over 10 million streams and giving R&B/Soul fans a chance to see what she can do. Closing out 2020 Lucy continued to organically garner new fan support, releasing “Cold.”


Now as we move into 2021, Lucy is delivering fans a whole new side to her with, “True to You”. The upbeat tempo and energetic melodies in the song create a unique yet familiarly universal sound that lays the foundation for what will be a career that will define the sound of her generation. Most recently, Lucy has allowed fans to peak behind the curtain with the release of her debut EP “Before I Speak”. The carefully crafted titles, lyrics, and visuals tell a story that allows any listener to connect.

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